Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stuck on Stupid

So I reflecting back on where I went wrong - and please feel free to chime in if you want - but I'm confused on what I'm really supposed to be doing. If I play just the friend role, I get these losers who give me the dumb excuses that "You're like one of the boys" or "I don't want to lose you as a friend if things go wrong". If there's true appreciation for my friendship that's great but like I said it sounds like a sad ass justification. Wouldn't you want to start off as friends first anyways? Isn't that how we learn about each other? Whether we can even tolerate each other? Let me know if that's not how it goes. Come with me while I explore the world of "loserville"....

I had a a guy friend (let's name him "Hunt") that I first encountered at a party a couple of years ago. He wasn't that cute, had these bigs ears that reminded me of Dumbo but I'm never one to judge people by just looks - plus he decided to corner me right when I came out of the bathroom so there was no escaping him. We exchange numbers and dated for a month or so. He claims that he just knew I was the woman he was going to marry on our first date. In the end, he changed his tune and the excuse became "I'm just scared your going to hurt me. Your so pretty. I just do think I deserve you. You're too good for me." So basically what you're saying is that I'm stupid for being with you? I must be dumb for giving you a chance? What kind of bullshit are you trying to sell me?

I'll let him make it and call it quits but every couple of months he resurfaces. I've given him 2nd, 3rd, even 4th chances. Unfortunately, the excuse never changed. What about me made you think that I was just waiting for the right time bring you some pain? Just because you've wronged your share of girls does not me that karma comes in the form of Jordana? Finally, enough is enough. I had to tell him to GROW THE FUCK UP(pardon my language - I'm getting a little heated just thinking about it.) If you're just not that into me then say so. Otherwise, stop wasting my time and let me move on to the next.

It's these type of retarted encounters that have me re-evaluating what I'm doing wrong.
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  1. Here's my thinking.
    I know most women are too good for me, but I sure won't be the one to tell them.

  2. You ought to learn to use the word 'retarded' correctly.